breaking the code of scaling



The launch of Global Sales House AB brings growth companies fast track access to Northern European markets.

Breaking the code of scaling

As scaling becomes a global exercise, mastering the entry into numerous countries becomes the new normal. We are proud to announce the founding of the Global Sales House, driver and facilitator of entering and expanding in Northern European markets.

Karolina Brorsson and András Gosztonyi
Global sales house

More than 20 years of sales excellence

The Global Sales House, a sister company of the Swedish sales powerhouse Protosell, supports fast growing tech companies rolling out their products and solutions in selected countries in the region. Built upon 20+ years of sales excellence within Protosell our single most important KPIs are the speed and the extent of market penetration for our partners. Country specific strategies, seamless sales execution, strong team of seasoned sales professionals as well as an extensive senior level network among executives of corporates and associations are crucial ingredients for our and our clients´ success.

Helping fast growing companies enter the innovating Nordic market

The Global Sales House supports fast growing companies entering and expanding in northern European countries, with a “Nordic first” strategy.

The tactic to first enter the Nordic markets and building the playbook/blueprint relies on the fact that the Nordic markets with their digital savviness, healthy economies and suitable population size are an interesting and receptive target for disruptive tech-products

Karolina Wallin Brorsson, Partner in Global Sales House, elaborates:

  • “The Nordic market is home to some of the most innovative and widely recognized corporates over the world. Working with many of them over the past years we have learned how to build a symbiosis between these giant companies on the one hand and small and agile innovators on the other. Finding areas of overlap and mutual benefit is creativity at its best – well rewarding not only in monetary terms”.. 

The Global Sales House is in execution mode with three fast growing tech companies from Germany and the US already on the ground in the Nordics. The company plans to partner up with additional exciting scale ups throughout the year.

Andras Gosztonyi, Partner in Global Sales House, comments:

  • The Northern market is challenging to enter. Multiple languages and cultures as well as differing market structures pose significant challenges. Given the relatively small individual market sizes often the cost benefit ratio does not justify such a move. This is where we are unbeatable. Building on our vast experience and powerful networks in these countries we are the perfect facilitator to make this happen! Fast and profitably”.

Access to dozens of sales professionals with multiple language skills

The company is located in southern Sweden and has access to 12 languages for operational sales, dozens of sales professionals and a profound understanding of the cultural differences and needs for diverse tactics, in the region.

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