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Business growth and expansion

The Global Sales House, part of the Protosell Group, supports fast growing companies entering and expanding in Northern Europe. We see ourselves as a strategic partner dedicated to contribute to our clients´ top and bottom line scaling.

Global sales house
Karolina Brorsson and András Gosztonyi
Global sales house


Webinar with Nordea and NWO

Global Sales House is proud to present the webinar about the next move for e-commerce post-pandemic, with our partner NWO and Nordea.

About Global Sales House

The launch of Global Sales House AB brings growth companies fast track access to Northern European markets. As scaling becomes a global exercise, mastering the entry into numerous countries becomes the new normal. We are proud to announce the founding of the Global Sales House, driver and facilitator of entering and expanding in Northern European markets

"Breaking the code of scaling"

Global Sales House’s foundation is based upon 20+ years of operational sales experience with proven proprietary methodology and execution. 

We have a strong rooting in Sweden and Scandinavia with a substantial network of C-level decision makers and organisations in a vast range of industries. Following our clients’ needs we are offering our operations to several Northern and Western European markets.

Our focus point

We focus on highly scalable products and solutions and are especially in tune with digital business models but feel at home also in a number of other market verticals.

We are driven by curiosity and dedication to excel. Forming long term partnerships with our clients is natural for us, less in order to secure our business but by the simple desire to enjoy the ride to the top!

Entering and expanding in Northern European markets

Current partnerships with:

Wagawin is a German marketing technology company that offer brands and media agencies the most compelling mobile ad experience whilst unlocking and owning actionable first-party data. With a global team and offices in Munich, Singapore, and London, Wagawin is transforming mobile ads by providing interactive and engaging ad formats.

NWO is a New York based software company which has developed a predictive AI platform that is revolutionizing the future of external data for enterprises. It tracks more than 93 million micro-trends globally and then notifies you of the development of these trends before they become exponential. NWO’s platform is already in use by several Fortune 500 brands to empower key resource allocation decisions.

Octopus is a German high quality image retouching and nextgen software solution company for automotive imagery that puts dealers ahead of their competition. Photographing their cars using the Piranha app, submitting the images stress-free via the press of a button and receiving highly professional and consistent results within shortest period of time.

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